7 Signs he may rape you when you visit.

There are 7 signs you can use to know if the guy you are about visiting will rape you or try something funny. These signs are very important to avert some impending tragedy waiting to happen. Many rape victim find it very hard to share their experience to people close to them but before you find yourself to stories that touch, these are 7 signs you need to look out for:

1. Drug Addict

Many Nigeria ladies has always fall victim to the hands of drug addicts. This is because they like their glamour lifestyle on social media, club or on their streets. When they chats you up and you decide to visit them at home or hotel, you may end up getting drug and rape or they force you and also take your nude picture so as to use it to threaten you in future.

When you know the guy you are going to his house for the first time is a drug addict, don’t fall to the pressure to visit him at home. Stand on meeting in an open place so that you can take your time to know what he has in mind. Even if you had to visit, watch what you drink or eat. Many Nigerian girls over look these signs and gladly demand for drinks that can easily be drugs. Drinks like fruit juices, yogurt or any plastic drinks etc.

When you sense that there is a possibility that he will or may ask for sex before going to his house, which you should have notice with the way you guys have been chatting recently. Tell him your mind and what you want, if you decide on “No Sex” and you agreed for a kiss, then you just give him an excuse for his act. Kissing can lead to sex and if you don’t buy the idea that moment, he may force himself on you and claim he was out of control.

2. Heavy Drinker

Alcohol has been a strong substance that can easily trigger high sex urge. You met a guy in the club, he offer to pay all your drinks and both of you gets drunk and you decided to spend the night in his house. There is a possibility that he will demand for sex and when you refuse, he forces himself on you.

Many rape cases always come as a result of too much alcohol. When you notice your boyfriend is drunk and you have no intention for sex, try not to go home together with him, many dangers likes murder, rape, assault happens when on the influence of alcohol and when this people commit these actions, they always blame it on alcohol and by then you are already traumatized, wounded or heartbroken.

Never go home with someone who is drunk; never take alcohol in their house if you are not ready to have sex.

3. Mr. Nice Guy

Don’t get me wrong, been nice has a way of attracting different girls around guys. You are not dating a guy but he does everything for you ranging from phone, cloths, house rent, weekly/monthly financial help, airtime, school fee, text-books, valentine gift, Christmas gift and many more.

Then you guys just have some little time to spend together privately and he demanded for sex but you refuse base on you take him as a friend.

When you have someone like this around you and you have no intention to have sex with him, kindly reduce or reject all his gifts or money. Some guys don’t like to be taken for a ride, when they feel like you don’t appreciate all their effort towards you and sometimes feel cheated; they tend to take it by force. Most time the girl that was rape still comes back to them because of the free money and gifts.

4. Sex Starve

When you meet a sex starve guy you will know. They don’t have anything better to say except “Come to my house”. These categories of people most time find it hard to have a girlfriend or sex mate. So whenever they manage to take any girl home, they always demand for sex.

This kind of people will beg, cry, joke and even pretend to commit suicide if you don’t have sex with him. But if you still hold your ground on “No Sex”, they get piss off and forcefully have sex with you. Don’t visit any sex serve guy if you are not ready for sex.

Some only believe that you are visiting them because you want to have sex too and they try every possible trick to have their way. They most times threaten to kill if you don’t agree for sex because that’s what they need that very moment and they don’t mind to hurt you.

5. Wearing Over Expose Dress

Don’t try to tempt a guy with yours sexy shape when you visit him at home. Most guys are easily moved by the sight of a sexy girl. Deep down their mind they keep imaging dirty thought and crazy ideas. The guy may not have the intention to have sex with you on the first visit, but with the way you dress may give him a second thought. And when you refuse he may force his way and the sexy dress will make the job easier to execute.

If you feel like to visit a guy and you have no intention to have sex with him, try to put on something decent or maybe a jean trouser to help you have more time to call for help in case he try to act funny. Try to look simple and make him not to admire your body so fast.

6. Sex Chat

Many Nigerian ladies never know the bad implication of having a sex chat on phone or on social media. You keep having sex chat with random guys on social media for LIKES and free airtime. Later when you finally decide to visit him, he will demand for sex and if you refuse he force himself on you.

Don’t visit a guy you normally have sex chat with if you are not ready to have sex with him. Even if you had the sex chat once, there is a possibility that he still have that imagination in his head. So whenever you visit him at home, he will like to try it with you physically.

7. Sex Figure

Are you a sex figure? Do people always stare at you every time in public? Do you have a sexy shape that always draws many men attention? If yes, then try to avoid some people who keep finding a way to take you to their house or telling you to meet them in a hotel.

Many girls falls victim of this in their work place, street, church, and school. Everybody you come in contact with just admire your body, your friends, pastors, lecturers, your elder brother friends etc.

This can make anyone of them to have a bad intention on you just to have sex. When you notice this sign, make sure you look out for yourself, threat in this case usually come from anywhere even from uncles or family members.
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