Follow Your Mind (A Must read Story)

The following took place between 4pm and 6pm, location: Lagere/OAU campus, Ile Ife.Alr tired from the day's lecture, Michael hopped into one of the commercial buses, it is the custom that conductors call for passengers, they are often aggressive and mean, their popular line is Sabo Lagere Mayfair, sister are goat, brother are you goes. The bus was heading for Sabo/Lagere. Michael barely settled in the bus when a beautiful lady joined him a the back of the bus, she stepped in majestically and landed like a butterfly beside Michael, all the stress on Michael's being disappeared, he grew anxious and yarned to have a word with the lady but he got butterflies in his tummy, his tongue got stuck to his jaw.

What if this girl turns me down? She is too pretty to be my friend, should I write her a love note here and now? So many thoughts on Michael's mind. After a while the bus was ready to move, yet Michael has not spoken with the beautiful lady. Then her phone rang, hello she said, her voice peirced through Michael's troubled mind and unsettled an already volatile setting within him, he became restless, how does it feel to hear such a voice every night before I sleep? She continued her conversation, hello how are you? The voice on the other end answered I am fine, and she said I am bored, I need someone to keep my company, I don't care who the person is. You see life Michael wanted this babe but wouldn't talk, and the babe needs a companion but wouldn't stoop so low to initiate a conversation with a guy.

When the bus got to Lagere, the lady requested to alight from the bus, though Michael was headed for Sabo which was still ahead, he hurriedly alighted with the lady, what a confused man Michael has become. The lady walked down the busy road, Lagere is the economical nerve center of Ile Ife, which witnesses a beehive of activities on a daily basis. Michael followed her closely. In a little while, the lady turned back and noticed Micheal was still behind her, with a smile she said I know how disturbed you are, you want me for yourself. Michael nodded like an agama lizard in affirmation. Say what you have to say now or back off, michael became more terrified, hemmmmm........ Can I have your number? She replied hmmmm, you are a shy type hun, you can't ask a lady out, anyway I will give you more than my number. The lady stretched out her arms and gave Michael a very tight hug, in that minute, he experienced heaven, he saw host of angels rejoicing, electric impulse ran through his terrified body, he never wanted the hug to end, the lady disengaged stared into his eyes and gave him her numbers. Michael was dumbfounded waoh waoh waoh, thank you very much, you are welcome dear. Today Micheal is now a lecturer happily married to that beautiful angel. Don't ever relagate yourself, when you become terrified in the process of chasing your dreams, keep trying you might be closer to your destination than you think, imagine a life full of bliss and happiness. Thank you for reading.
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