10 Richest Female Musicians in Nigeria & Net Worth

Nigerian female musicians have gone places. They are almost as rich and as wealthy as their male counterparts. In actual fact, they are making waves just like any other musician across the globe, including the very popular female musicians in Hollywood.In times past, the Nigerian music arena was taken over by American musicians. However, Nigerian musicians have stepped up and they have snapped the market out of the fingers of their American counterparts.

In those long gone days, main forms songs heard on Nigerian streets were songs of Tony Braxton, Maria Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and the likes. However, the game has changed now and the scene is now taken over by musicians like Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Omawumi, Chidima, Seyi Shay and the likes.

Aside growing popular over the years, these female Nigerian musicians have also grown somewhat rich. Maybe they are not as rich as their American counterparts, but they are getting there.

This is why this write up has been dedicated to these Nigerian female musicians: to find out how rich they are. In this write-up, you will get to learn about the top 10 richest of Nigerian female musicians.

How did we get to calculate the net worth of these Nigerian female musicians? We simply added up their accrued endorsements and deals to get the values published here. These female musicians are arranged in the order of how wealthy they are- from the wealthiest to the least wealthy in line with our yardsticks.

Tiwa Savage
Her very first single was titled “Kele Kele Love”. This song shot her into limelight. She has signed endorsement deal with Marvin Records Label. Tiwa Savage had released other major hits, like “Eminado” and “Love Me”.

Also she had been involved in a number of international shows. She is brand ambassador to a number of companies, like Konga, Pepsi, Forte Oil and Maggi. Her current net worth is $4.85 million. This places her at the first spot among the richest female musicians in Nigeria.

Yemi Alade
Her song titled “Jonny” pushed her into limelight. As at today, this particular song is the most viewed musical video on YouTube. She released yet another song titled “Kissing”. Aside this she equally released a number of other songs, like Tangerine and Take Over.

She is a brand ambassador to a number of organizations, like CloseUp Toothpaste, the Online Jewelry store, Bland2Glam and Barcadi Breezer. Her net worth is $4.2 million. This makes her the second richest female musician in Nigeria.

She began her music career in 2007. This was after she got voted as 1st runners up in the Idol West Africa Competition. Her music career got a big boost from her very first single titled “In the Music”.

After this song, she had also released a number of other songs. She is ambassador to a number of companies and organizations, like Malta Guinness, Mortein, Konga.com and Globacom. She is presently worth $3 million. This makes her the 3rd richest female musicians in Nigeria.

She occupies number 4 on the list with her estimated worth of $2.8 million. Her complete name is Chidinma Ekile. She is also referred to as Miss Kedike. She started on her road to fame after winning the third season of MTN Project of Fame West Africa that was held in 2010.

Chidinma released a single the following year titled Jankoliko. She later released yet another song titled “Kedike”. This latter song made it possible for her to win the Kora Awards for Best Female West Africa Act. She is one of the brand ambassadors for MTN and she had been so for the past 3 years.

Sheyi Shay
She was living in the UK before she decided to switch over to Nigeria. When she arrived in 2011, she released a song titles Loving Your Way. She also released another song tiled No Le Le.

These two songs were hits and they helped to boost her music career a great deal. She released yet another song in 2013 tilted “Irawo”. Also, she released another song titled “Chante” that same year. Sheyi had released several other songs after that. She had performed on many stages across the globe.

There was a time she performed with Neyo, an American pop star; this was during the MTV Base Award in Africa. In addition, Seyi Shay had signed deals with a number of companies and organizations, like Pepsi, Bacardi Breezer and Etisalat. She is undoubtedly one of the richest female musicians in Nigeria of today. Her net worth is estimated at $2.1 million.

Asa is number 6 on the list of the richest female Nigerian musicians. Her stage name is Asa, but her real name is Bukola Elemide. She has dual citizenship as a Nigerian-French musician. Asa started her music career several years ago, but came into limelight in 2009 when she released a number songs, like Jailer, Eye Adaba and so on.

Another song that shot her into limelight was tilted Fire on the Mountain. Since then, she had released quite a number of songs. She also signed endorsement deal with GTBank that is worth millions of naira. The deal was signed after she made an official song for the bank.

As at today, Asa is still considered as a highly respected female musician. Her estimated net worth is $2 million.

She is occupying number 7 on the list of richest musicians in Nigeria. Her net worth is actually $1.7 million. He had featured in same song with many Nigerian artists, like P-Square. Waje was part f P-Square’s song released in 2007 titled “Bizzy Body”.

She had also featured in reality shows organized by Zain and MTV Base South Africa. In that event, she emerged as a runner up and she had been in the limelight since then. That particular event helped her to boost her career great deal.

At a later date, she signed an endorsement deal with Glo, the giant Nigerian indigenous telecommunication company. Undoubtedly, she is a household name in the Nigerian music industry.

Her $1.7 million net worth makes her one of the richest among Nigerian female musicians. She had produced a number of songs since she started her music career. Some of her songs are Onye, For a Minute, Coco Baby and so on.

Cynthia Morgan
She started her music career in 2007. She had started earlier than this, but was not recognized as a professional singer until 2007. She won so much accolades and became a darling to fans in 2010. This was when she was one of the featured artists in Jhybo songs. Title of the song was “Ejo Le Fe Ro”.

Cynthia released a song titled “Don’t Break My Heart” in 2013 under Northside Entertainment Inc. Another song she released that same year was titled “Lead Me On”. The song took the street by storm and it actually became the best song on the music chart in that year. The song was to remain the best for several weeks afterwards.

At a later date, she released yet another song titled German Juice. In fact, this song was so popular that it became more of a national anthem on the lips of Nigerians on the streets. The song was a hit no doubt.

Today, she is among the most recognized artistes in the Nigerian music industry. She is estimated to worth $1.5 million. She is number 8 on the list of richest female musicians of Nigerian origin.

Nneka occupies the 9th position among the richest female musicians in Nigeria today. She is one of the most popular hip hop/ soul artists and she is based in Germany. She became popular in the music industry in 2004; though, she had been around since 2003.

Initially, she was one of the opening act dancers for Sean Paul, the very popular dance hall reggae star. She started at Hamburg Stadtpark, Germany. Since she started her music career, she had been able to travel across the globe.

She had been to several European countries over the years and she had also taken her trade to a number of African countries. As at present, she is worth up to $1.3 million. She released a song in September 2009 tilted Heartbeat. This song was able to make its way to the top 50 songs in Germany that year. The same song entered into UK Singles Chart as number 20.

She entered into the music world in 2005. She signed up with Trybe’s Records, marking her first major breakthrough. At a later date anyway, she signed with another label called Empire mates Entertainment (EME); that was in 2012.

She released a single in 2014 titled “Too Bad”. This was the very song that pushed her into stardom. This same song was the reason why she was nominated for the Best Female Artiste of the Year Award in 2014, an award she later won.

Other songs released by Niyola are Go On, Love to Love You and Last Bus Stop. The latest among them is the single, Go On. The song is actually doing very well. As at present net worth of Niyola is $500,000. This places her on number 10 on the list of the richest female musicians in Nigeria.

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