BeeHive Gist: Fact By Boc Madaki - @BocMadaki

Bros,This Music And Its Business Is A Game Of TIME AND NUMBERS, I Have Followed Due And Never Skipped Any Process,I Have Been Doing This For 15yrs Now And Have Never Lost Patience. B.O.C Is Not The Only One Doing Well In The Hive,Anybody That's Putting In A Lot Of Effort Is Recognised,You May Not Know That,It Depends On The Circle Of People You Come Across,I Travel A Lot And I Meet People By The Day,They Ask Me About Artists Whom Effort Is Notable Enough,Not Because Anyone Is Special But Because Of Quantity Of Work Put In.Nothing Happened Overnight.I Have Hundreds Of Released Records To My Name And Have Never Relent,How Many Released Songs Do You Have Out There? You Have To Put In Work And Watch It Grow,No One Amongst Us Started As A Recognised Artist.No One Around Here Cares To Help,So You Have To Master Your Own Game By Yourself, What Good Would Social Media Endorsement Do To You When You Don't Have Work Out There To Vindicate That? You Can't Rush The Process,You Just Can't Do That. We Didn't Start In The Era Of Social Media And The Radio Wasn't Even Functional Enough To Make The Story Better,That Gives You An Upper Hand In This Generation.How Often Do You Explore These Options ? Please Don't Be Mislead By False Conviction. Nobody Owns A Record Label Or A Well To Do Management Amongst Us,Is It Not Giving You Hope That Despite All That Our Sound Is Heard? That's A Proof To You That "When You Do NUMBERS,Recognition Comes With TIME",No Man Has The Power To Deny Your Shine. We Don't Do It For Ourselves Alone Outside The Hive,The Aim Is To Put The City On The Map And We're Glad It's Working.Stop Feeling Isolated For The Wrong Reason,You May Have A Lot Of Records On Ground But As Long As You Hoard It No One Will Know About It.Just Put It Out,There's More Where It Came From. Let Not The Little Applause Make Us Feel Like We Have Arrived,We Still Have More And More To Do. Just Make Work Your Best Friend And Watch What Happens Soon. A Lot Of New Artists Coming Up,Competition Is High,You Have To Struggle For Your Own Space Not By Putting A Lot Of Expectations On Others,But By Always Been Concerned About Broadening Your Music Library And What Will Make You Outgrow Your Present Status . God Loves Us All And We'll All Get There. Peace!!! Mozta'priest Mandezz Atvan Tha Maverick

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