Love Beyond Reason- episode 1

Ikemefuna sat on the couch in his living room, arms folded on his chest, eyes clouded with anger, lips stretched thin, and watched the hand of the clock move towards 9pm for the umpteenth time. He was fuming with anger but anyone looking at him would just see a handsome, well-built man, watching TV, with an impatient stretch to his lips. On closer inspection though, the anger in his eyes could not be missed.

He stared at the game showing on the TV. His favorite English club, Arsenal were playing against their arch nemesis, Chelsea and it seems Chelsea is going to get the glory once more. He watched the screen, at the same time listening for when the door will open to admit Ugochi, his girlfriend, whom he had been waiting for impatiently for the past two hours.

Why is this woman late? What does she take me for? How can she leave me here and go about frolicking with every Dick and Harry in the city? She’ll have a lot of explaining to do when she gets back here. These were the thoughts flowing through his mind as he sat, alternately watching the clock and the screen, grinding his teeth in an obvious sign of frustration.

Meanwhile, Ugochi was having a great time with her girlfriends at the birthday party of one of the gang. She laughed at something Dawn, the birthday girl said and gave Ijeoma a wink. The three girls had been rolling together since they were at the University, they were popularly known as the three musketeers back then. Now, all of them were settled into their respective careers but they still found time to get together once in a while.

It was Dawn’s birthday and they had opted for a quiet dinner together at the birthday girl’s favorite restaurant instead of the usual all-out party she threw every year. It had taken a lot of convincing on the part of Ugochi and Ijeoma before Dawn agreed to have a small party with just the girls. She was enjoying herself although she would never admit it to her friends.

Turning twenty-five should be a lot of fun.

The women had a lot in common. Apart from been the same ages, they also graduated from the same department in the University. They all studied Microbiology, and each of them had their view of the course and how they wanted to use it to make the world a better place. Ugochi had opted for Food Microbiology and presently worked with Fan Ice in Ibadan. Ijeoma, fondly called Ijay by her friends, had bent towards health presently working as a laboratory scientist at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. Dawn had decided on pursuing the beauty angle and currently owned a beauty spa in New Bodija, Ibadan.

Ugochi was the only one in a serious relationship of the three of them. She had been with Ikem for the past three years. Dawn prefered to play the field, she had like a dozen guys at her disposal, which was not surprising as she was the most beautiful of them. Ijeoma, on the other hand, was on a break in between relationships; her last run hadn’t been so enjoyable.

“Guys, remember that time we all failed Professor Odi’s class? He insisted we wait after everyone had gone home for the holidays, study for a week and rewrite the test. I couldn’t believe it when he said it.” Ijay reminisced

“Yeah, yeah. It was the worst week of my life,” Dawn muttered.
“You were just pissed because all your boyfriends were not available,” Ijay teased.
“Yeah, well what’s a girl to do when all her useful guys were not available,” she grumbled.

“At least you still had Dave. The guy was so in love with you, he didn’t mind staying back for a whole week even when you didn’t acknowledge his existence,” Ugochi chipped in.
Dawn covered her face with her hands. “Oh please don’t remind me of that guy.”

Ijay laughed. “But Dawn, you were so hard on the guy.”
“I just couldn’t see myself with him. He was so needy, you know. I could never be with a guy like that.”
“Yeah. We all know you like them tough,” Ugochi teased.

She laughed. “You got that right, baby.”
Ugochi checked her wristwatch, noted the time. “Girls, I’m sorry to break this up but I really must get going.”
“Hmmm, we understand girl. That hunk of yours must be waiting for you.” Dawn winked. “Lucky girl,” she sighed wistfully.

“How is Ikem?” Ijay asked
Ugochi beamed. “He’s fine o.”
“Hmm, that your man is a real eye candy. I wish he were mine.” Dawn winked again.

“Keep your thoughts away from my man, abeg.” Ugochi laughed. “Don’t you have your hands full already?”
“You can never have enough now.”

Ugochi was about to answer when her phone beeped signaling an incoming call. She checked the caller ID and saw it was a video call from Ikem.
“Speak of the devil,” Ugochi gestured. “I need to take this.” She stepped out of the restaurant to give herself some privacy.

“Hi babe.” She smiled at Ikem’s face on her screen.
He didn’t return her smile. “Do you know what time it is?”
Ugochi shrugged. “No. what’s up?”

“I want you to start coming home immediately,” he snapped
“I was about to.”
“I’ll be waiting for you.”
“Okay, see you soon.”

He cut the call without saying goodbye.
Ugochi frowned at her phone and shrugged again. He’s probably in one of his shitty moods again, she thought.

She didn’t care for the many mood swings, she never knew how he was going to react when he gets into those stints. She had better do as he wanted before it got too bad.
Ugochi went back into the restaurant. “Girls, I have to go; my man needs me.”
“Don’t sweat it.” Ijay waved. “We are ready to call it a night too.”

“Thanks for a wonderful birthday, girls. I actually enjoyed myself. Who would have thought, huh?”
“We knew you were going to love it. That was why we insisted.”
Ugochi bent to grab her bag off the floor as the other girls stood. They walked out together.

“So, I’ll see you guys soon, yeah?” Ugochi asked
“Sure.” The other ladies answered simultaneously.
“I still have a private party tonight. You get my meaning?”
“We know you now, no be you?''
They all laughed and shared a group hug before going their separate ways.

To be continued
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