Win 1 Million Naira And Other Gift Items in TECNO Spark 2 #LightUpYourDream2018

What is your dream? Are you scared of voicing out those dreams because the person next to you, will talk you down without mincing words about them being larger than life allusions? Calm down, you can spill the beans.
The truth is, the pursuit of our dreams is at heart, an act of faith combined with a giant act of will. In reality, we have many dreams, though we may not achieve all of them because of some constraints but it all boils down to your mindset.

Dreaming big is your first step to success, but you can go further to take the next step by giving yourself the permission to see a future that inspires you through the LightUpYourDream contest which started last year and is entering its second edition with the launch of the latest TECNO Spark 2, a device built to capture impressive, bright and clear pictures.

See Past Winners below:-

herefore, an opportunity is once again presented to everyone with a dream to win the sum of 1 million naira to light up their dream! How? You might ask.


The first step is to follow @TECNOMobileNigeria on Facebook and @TECNOMobileNG on Twitter and Instagram. Afterwards, upload a video or an image or text of your dream, describe how you will celebrate if you win 1 million naira.

After submitting your entry, get your friends to like and share to support you to win.

On Facebook, send your entry as a comment under the pinned competition post on TECNO’s Facebook page. Always make use of the hashtag #LightUpYourDream2018and tag @TECNOMobileNG.

You can also submit your entry on Snap Chat (@TECNOMobileNG) and TECNOSPOT (

You also stand another chance of winning 1 million Naira when you buy the new 
SPARK 2 device at designated stores across Nigeria.

After your purchase, you will get an instant gift and a raffle ticket. The raffle ticket automatically qualifies you for a chance to win 1 Million via a Raffle Dip.

Everyone is a winner!

1. Grand Prize – 4 Winners of 1 Million each (2 online + 2 TECNO Spark 2 and 2 offline)

2. 1st Runner Up – 8 Winners of TECNO Spark 2

3. 2nd Runner Up – 10 Winners of Rechargeable Fan: Prizes for the second-place weekly winners.

The #LightUpYourDream2018 which started on 13 th of June will run through July, 2018.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and chase that dream. Go the extra mile for your dream with TECNO LightUpYourDream2018.

For more information, visit TECNOSpot for Terms and Conditions and follow TECNOMobileNigeria on Facebook, @TECNOMobileNg on Twitter and Instagram.
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